Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lucasville Ohio Flea Market

How to paint the car. Lubricentro in Palermo.

* Photo: Volkswagen Beetle 2012 *
1 - Correct on the car body. Mark the holes for clamping, to perform them by a drill or other tool.

2 - With the housing mounted on those holes, marking the wheel arches. Can be marked with a bar of 2 points, or using a pen guided by a new wheel.

3 - Trim wheel arches. We recommend using curved tip scissors.

4 - make all necessary holes (vents, exhaust outlet, opening on the cylinder head to spark the antenna hole, regulation hole of the carburetor, etc.).

May - Crop Drill the marked holes.

6 - If burrs, remove them using a half-round file fine-grained, or a Dremel.

7 - Having done the above steps, we would have the full body cut and ready to ride, but not painted, fully transparent.

then will wash the inside of the body with soap and water, it is always dirty after trimming operations.

8 - To leave the windows transparent, we will cover inside the body with masking tape or stickers and prepared to bring some bodies for this purpose.

Beware that the outline is well stuck, otherwise you would enter something painting and we would look bad. I also tend to plug the holes made by the foreign , although not usually necessary.

9 - If we paint of various colors, you should know that the colors have to go by applying the darkest beginning and ending with the most clear.

must cover the same way that the windows, the areas that want to paint a different color. It is not usually necessary to cover the areas already painted.

10 - When applying the paint, the paint to extend its zig-zag over the area to paint with a spray nozzle distance of approximately 15 cm.

11 - Let dry about 5 minutes and give other hand. Let dry, and if it is seen that area has been a little paint to give him another hand.

12 - apply the other colors in the same way, removing the tape from the area you want to paint now, and as mentioned earlier, from darker to lighter.

For example, if you want to paint a yellow body and green, first apply the green and then yellow.

13 - colors Once applied, I usually give a layer of white paint throughout the interior, especially when used metallic paints. The color changes dramatically.

Source: http://www.microcaos.net/


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