Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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"WEATHER: Do not confuse the GYM WITH MAGNESIA"

Hello everyone.

Yesterday evening I attended a conference on meteorology entitled "Heavy rain and flooding" a priori that I found interesting. As I usually do not indicate either the name of the speaker or the place of celebration for anyone feeling alluded. In any case, both the speaker and the host institution are well known in Catalonia.

The conference was well attended by between 40 and 50 people who mostly came from a local close to retirement. Naturally the interest in learning in many cases have no age limits and justifies the stop playing cards to attend a conference. The public was in Most women and the representation was reduced to about 6 or 7 at most. Most of the attendees were known and had some marriages.

The presentation began with images of "power point" trying on the flooding of the Tous Dam and flooding in Valencia and Catalonia from Huesca in 1982. It was reflection on human foresight and the characteristics of Mediterranean climate that does not seem so unusual to see their average rainfall but is actually capable of both extreme floods and droughts.

The audience agreed on everything and it appeared that the ensuing debate could complicarsele the rapporteur. Some topics commonly used by older people as is to magnify the weather of his childhood was disrupted input. "Now it does not rain as before," now it does not snow as before "or that nothing is as it was in his youth ... The speaker said at the outset that it rains like a hundred years ago, and of course, no one disputed the assertion.

An interesting point was regarding the increase of vegetation in much of the English territory because the people no longer work the land, no livestock, not produced coal, wood is not used etc.etc. We have more forest cover, and again by fire consumable item. The forests are usually neglected but yes lessen erosion and retain more water in their roots. This would explain the disappearance of some sources and losses of the flow of some rivers in the dry season. A more vegetation, perhaps a little more rain, but mostly a lot more need for water in the subsoil.

At any given time and taking advantage of the "river passing through Valladolid Pisuerga" the conference theme mutated to discuss renewable energy including solar wind nuclear and comparing their strengths with fossil fuels. We went from a thriller to a "western" in a second. I was astonished to see the "change had had not made a dent in the public that he was totally dedicated to buenhacer the speaker. I stirred in the chair: I wanted to attend a conference of weather!. Finally I asked to speak concendida I was after a few minutes and explained my opinion on the change and confusion that was created. And I said I did not like at all that the weather will mix with the ecology, environmental protection, sustainable growth, alternative energy,
hole in the ozone layer, greenhouse effect, climate change and a long litany. The speaker looked at me with a face attentive but few friends, but I think we should stick the script away from the "trileo" argument that benefits neither the speaker nor the audience that neither has learned that under his nose he changed ham dish tasty hare another cat.

on the content of the conference, I think they should have addressed the issue of flooding more geographical and temporal scope (not only flooded our dear Maresme). I think the European floods of the Rhine in Germany for example was a good topic to differentiate them from the typically Mediterranean. Not a mention of all Mississipp - 18,000 m3 Missouri currently overwhelmed the disaster nor Biescas the August 7, 1996 with 87 deaths in the camp of "The Snow". I that talking about flooding is that at least mention the events in Australia, China and the U.S. recently and minimally expand the horizons of interest to the audience.

restarts thunderstorm activity in central and west peninsular. Tomorrow will be extended to the east.

Morganza Spillway Opens in Louisiana

Morganza Spillway Opens in Louisiana

The Mississippi flooded fields in Louisiana. 15/05/2011

May 17, 2011
Morganza Spillway (spillway) Opens in Louisiana

This image from the Advanced Land Imager on NASA's Earth Observing-1 satellite WAS on Acquired May 15, 2011, about 24 hours after the Morganza Partially WAS Spillway Opened by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ease flooding Along the Mississippi River.

======================================= ==
Bahawalnagar (Pakistan) 46.5 º C, Sibi (Pakistan) 46.2 º C, Rohri (Pakistan) 46.0 º C.
Vostok (Antarctica) -75.7 º C, 46 Aws LGB Davis (Antarctica) -72.7 ° C, University Wi Id 8982 (Ant) Bureram
-70.4 ° C (Thailand) 100.1 mm, Hues (Vietnam) 82.8 mm. Sumbawa Besar (Indonesia) 74.7 mm. Temperature range

world observatories: 122.2 º C (difference between the coldest and warmest)

the moment nothing else. Continued stormy spring and currently do not especially warm.

Greetings. Mariscal

Sources: NASA, Ogimet, Sat 24.com

Mucus The Day Before I Start My Period

How does the turbo?. Car tuning.

car * Photos: Renault Megane CC Floride *
When people talk about race cars or the high-performance sports cars, typically the subject of turbo just came up in conversation at some point.

The turbo also appear on large diesel engines.

A turbo can significantly boost engine horsepower without significantly increasing its weight, which is a huge benefit that makes turbos so popular.

In this article, we will see turbo mechanisms increase the power output of the engine while surviving extreme operating conditions.

also see that there are different types and materials used. The turbocharger is a forced induction system.

compress the air flowing into the engine. The advantage of compressing the air is that it allows the engine to compress more air into a cylinder, and more air means more fuel can be added.

So you get more power from each explosion in each cylinder. A turbo engine gets a lot more power than the same engine without this additional burden.

This greatly increases the capacity of the motor. To get this explosion of power, the turbo uses engine exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which in turn spins an air pump.

The turbine in the turbocharger spins at speeds of up to 150,000 rotations per minute - which is about thirty times faster than most cars.

And when connected to the engine exhaust, the temperature in the turbine is also very high. Basics

One of the surest ways to get more power from an engine is to increase the amount of air and fuel that can burn.

One way to do this is to add cylinders or make the cylinder is larger. Sometimes these changes may not be reliable - a turbo can be a simpler and more compact to add power.

The turbo allows the engine to burn more fuel and air by packing more quantity in the existing lock.

In a conventional turbo system, you can get 50 percent to introduce more air into the engine, getting between 30 to 40 percent improvement.

We might ask why there is a 50 percent improvement, but this is because it is not perfectly efficient.

One cause of this inefficiency comes from the factor of power to spin the turbine is not free.

Having a turbine in the exhaust outlet increases the output restriction. This means that making the escape of gases, the engine must push back against pressure.

This subtracts a little strength of the cylinders which are exploding at the same time.

Source: www.marcadecoche.com